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Watered Grass

Nov 25, 2018

This week I have the joy of sharing Brianna with you! Briana owns Be Here Now Studios of Cheshire, Connecticut. This studio has beautifully created that Community feeling with their mix of yoga, barre, boxing, and more.  Hear about Brianna's happy accidents in this week's episode.

Click here for the studio website!


Nov 11, 2018

This week I speak to Irene Calo- Intuitive Energy Healer/Reader, Channel, Teacher, Lecturer, Alchemist and Practitioner. Learn about the different ways she helps heal physical and emotional pain through energy work in this week's episode!

Her website is 

Nov 4, 2018

This week it's me again, listeners! I'm talking about something that I have been working on for quite some time- learning to let that stuff go. By stuff, I mean assuming the worst in what others are doing "to" me, and how I've found more happiness through QTIP (Quit Taking It Personally).  Sound relatable? Tune in!